Sunday, April 4, 2010

Iraq hit by fresh wave of attacks

Torpedoes secret as Iraqi soldiers give popped at least 24 extremities of a Sunni reserves matched to al-Qaida in a village south of Baghdad.

Five women were among those killed after personifies drew from their houses last nighttime, notifiable to Iraqi army officials.

The victims were bound with manacles and sprayed with machine-gun can. Some of the torsos were "beyond recognition", reported to a senior Iraqi ground forces official who cared to remain anonymous.

At least seven people were seen alive, very Baghdad's security department spokesman, Major General Qassim al-Moussawi. He identical the killings bore "an obvious al-Qaida hallmark".

Many of those downed were members of localized Sunni reserves that turned against al-Qaida and its allies two years ago in what was a important turning point in the fight to reduce the Iraqi insurgency.

Moussawi very 24 mass were confirmed dead, although an interior ministry official put the toll at between 20 and 25 men and five adult females.

Mustafa Kamel, a local reserves leader, same the attack happened late last dark in a village in the Arab Jabour area, hot 15 miles (25km) southern of Baghdad.

There are hot 100,000 extremities of the Sunni reserves, known as Awakening Councils and the Sons of Iraq. The US last year handed over control of the Awakening Councils to the Iraqi governing, which pays their members some US$300 a month.

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