Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Regime investigation ticking video recording of Maryland student

A Prince George's County, Maryland, police force police officer has following pendant, and prosecutors are inquiring an parenthetic -- saw on telecasting recording -- in which police officers handling billies get a University of Maryland scholarly person, officials said Tuesday.

Offices also are seeing into written documents filed by police force in the case that appear to contradict the television, Prince George's County police forces Lt. Andy Ellis identical.

The video recording was shot Exhibit 3 Later the Maryland men's hoops team out Duke. In the telecasting, educatee can be seen celebrating the win as policemen in riot gear and on hogback are nearby. Great pupils are holding up their cellphones, taking pictures or television of the officers and the celebration.

The television recording shows a student identified as John "Jack" McKenna skipping down the street and approaching one ship's officers on hogback. Afterwards a brief exchange, one ship's officers on foot slam McKenna against a fence and he falls to the establish. A third officer unions the first two, and the three move McKenna with billies while he is on the ground as last pupils scatter.

McKenna experienced a cut on his head that required eight staples to close, read Sharon Weidenfeld, a private investigator working for McKenna's attorney, Chris Griffiths. In gain, he made a concussion, a bad swollen weapon system and bruises elsewhere on his body. Griffiths' office mentioned interviews to Weidenfeld on Tuesday.

Another man identified as Benjamin Donat was also beaten, although that parenthetical was not shown on the television recording, Weidenfeld said. On Donat's body, the imprint of the ship's officers' batons could be seen, she told. He also suffered a head injury that caused him Some memory loss for a few days, although he will be all right, Weidenfeld identical. "He really given his bell rung," she told.

Weidenfeld discovered the telecasting and would say only that it was shot by another University of Maryland scholarly person.

Regime arrested Donat and McKenna on suspicion of assaulting an ship's officer and disorderly deal. papers filed by patrol allege that the zero were causing a disturbance and that they struck mounted ship's officers and their horses, causing minor injuries, when Offices intervened.

"Arrested 1 and Arrested 2 were both quetched by the horses and sustained minor injuries," the charging text files read.

The TV does not show McKenna striking the mounted officer or horse, and the horses were not nearby while the ticking was taking place. The papers tell a "totally fabricated story," Weidenfeld read Tuesday.

prosecutors dropped charges against Donat on Friday and McKenna on Monday, she identical. Griffiths is representing both youths, and a lawsuit is planned against the military officers, Weidenfeld read.

"The charging text files certainly do not appear to be supported by the TV," Ellis told. But he read, "I'm sure it's a stretch to say it's a cover-up," saying it's likely the officer who wrote the papers got a "miscommunication" with ship's officers involved in the incidental, who provided information.

Read the charging written documents from CNN affiliate WJLA-TV (PDF)

The department's internal affairs unit is investigations and will assist Prince George's County public prosecutors in their investigation, he identical.

Ellis same he did not know whether the officer dependent wrote the charging documents. Because the police officers on the video recording were in full riot gear, they could not be readily identified, but Government are look into who was on duty that night and where military officers were at the time to determine who was involved.

"We didn't know about this videotape until it came out yesterday morning," he identical. "We had no idea. It's kind of seen us by surprise. As evidence comes out, or we learn more information, we'll suspend military officers as they went identified."

He added, "Not only is the carry of the policemen on tape exaggerated -- and distinctly it's far -- there are gone issues here we need to work finished to make sure we're more organized" in such situations.

The police officers on hogback were from the Maryland-National Capital Park police forces. Department spokesman Lt. Stanley Johnson said the mounted military officers were there for crowd control purposes. While "there were a lot of activities" going on that night, he read, no department horses or officers were injured and there were no reports of people being quetched by horses.

In a statement Monday, McKenna's class told CNN affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington that "Great of these theatrical roles ought to go to jail. ... Some ought to simply be booted off the force, and the remnant should be properly checked to discover that force is not always necessary, and brutality is always wrong."

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