Sunday, April 4, 2010

older quake next Mexico rocks southwestern US

A better earthquake of 7.2 magnitudes hit Baja California successful Mexico, trembling skyscrapers future San Diego and Los Angeles, whose fresh tremors were ruled as far as Phoenix and Las Vegas as lucky.

The immediate impact of the seism on souls and buildings were non immediately known.

The quake cost focussed about 25 kilometre south-southwest of Guadalupe Victoria, the US Geological Service same, which initially told it careful around 6.9 magnitude, but quickly revised it to 7.2.

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US Geological survey same, the seism occurred about 32 kilometres below the world's surface.

"Experts have said that such a depth growths the opportunities that the dry land might absorb a bulk of the shock, reducing the hazards of damage on the surface,"

The quake, which lived centered hot 108 miles east of Tijuana, Mexico, great 10 miles below the surface appeared to have caused much more right smart damage nearer the border, including one report of a death next Mexico, but officials were still gathering information.

The stimulating lasted for 35 to 55 seconds, said Lucy Jones, a seismologist at Cal Technical School, at a press group discussion. The 7.2-magnitude quake is the largest next Southern California since the 7.3 Landers quake on June 28, 1992, she same.

Dr. Jones called the depth of the temblor “normal for this region,” adding that 16,000 people had reportable the quake on Cal Tech’s network of “did you feel it” sites. She forecast that a magnitude 6.0 aftershock would be “likely inside the next few days.”

KABC Television in Los Angeles very high-rise buildings next that city and future San Diego rocked back and forth when the quake shot and that many another residents saw electric power poles moving.

The Yuma, Arizona, sheriff's department also told AFP it was responding to many building alarms but that it had no immediate reports of injuries.

The Yuma Sun covered Fry's grocery store front-end manager Karla Favela ordered that, "a little bit of everything" fell down every aisle of the store.

"The first matter I thought of -- have you seen the movie '2012?' The part when the grocery store splits future half?"

The USSG stated it had reports that quake gone experienced as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada, great 460 kilometers (290 miles) from the epicenter as easily as next Los Angeles, 360 kilometers (224 miles) away, and future Phoenix, Arizona, 300 kilometers (186 miles).

The earthquake came inside weeks of two damaging quakes in the Americas.

A January 12 temblor of 7.0 magnitude successful Haiti killed an figured 230,000 people.

next Chile, a massive 8.8 quake on February 27 left an calculated 452

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